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Controlled Drug Disposal Kit

A Reliable and Effective kit for denaturing Controlled Drugs Safely
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The One-Use Controlled drug Disposal Kit (CDDK) is a convenient, safe and compliant kit for the denaturing and disposal of controlled drugs.

Controlled drugs are drugs that are tightly regulated by national legislation.

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The One-Use Controlled drug Disposal Kit (CDDK) contains a denaturing compound that reacts with the drugs in the presence of water.  For safety and to prevent spillage, the denaturing compound is stored in a water-soluble sachet that dissolves when water is added to the container is filled with the drugs for disposal.

This results in a safer and time-saving method of disposal.

The kit is easy to use.  Simply remove the drugs from their original packaging and place inside  the container.

Close the lid after the water has been added and place in the regular medicinal waste bins for final disposal.

A compound that leaves an unpleasant taste is included in the sachet to make the end-product unusable by any third party who may gain access to the filled container


What can be disposed of in the CDD kit?

  • pills

  • ampoules should have their contents emptied 

  • capsules

  • patches - backing removed

  • small quantities of liquid 


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